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Jan 20, 2010 11:00am EST
giveaways to get signed on to a bill that raises taxes and cuts medicare to seniors who deputy on medicare and cause people's policies to go up. >> just to follow up on that. a lot of this race was also about the tax hike component. i mean, scott brown said cap and trade is a tax hike. the health care bill is a tax hike. he's formulating kitchen table populism or pickup truck populism or tea party populism. has your party missed the boat on this? have the democrats now moved way too far left away from center ground? i don't think so, but obviously the party has to sit back and take a very close look at what the people of massachusetts were saying. what they were not saying and here's where i disagree with the senator, is that they don't like the health care plan that they put together in massachusetts which is essentially the outline of the senate plan. in fact, the vast majority of people in massachusetts like what they did in massachusetts and the new senator supports that bill and does not support the repeal of the massachusetts plan which has massive federal subsidies in it and is, in
Jan 12, 2010 11:00am EST
paperwork, and medicare and my insurance covered the cost. we can work directly with medicare or with your insurance company. we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today. >>> welcome back to "the call" with your daily realty check i'm diana olick in washington. kbhome posted a profit in q4 and that was mostly thanks to tax benefits. revenue fell 27% and cancellations improved. nearly one in eight homeowners are in trouble on their mortgages. total delinquencies rose to a record 9.97% and loans in foreclosures rose to 3.19%, up over 80% from a year ago. and steadier home prices in the fall caused home sellers to have more bargaining power. a new report finds 21% of sellers now on the market slashed prices at least once, but that is down from $21 billion, but that's down from nearly $25 billion in the december report. check back with the realty checkup next again at 2:50. until then go to the blog, melissa? >> diana, thanks so much. >>> exchange-traded fund business is booming growing to n
Jan 7, 2010 11:00am EST
paperwork, and medicare and my insurance covered the cost. we can work directly with medicare or with your insurance company. we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today. welcome back to "the call." tracking the market's "real time flash" for you, great days for the financials except for charles schwab. the company's come out and reduced their commission schedule to 895 from 1295. they've gotten rid of the million dollar minimums and the hundred dollar trades. what's interesting if you look at their effect on the market for the discounters, ameritrade also getting hit, but twice as bad as schwab due to actions of their rivals. so schwab and ameritrade both trading low or a day when ameritrade is strong. >>> stocks have been held hostage by the dollar over the past few months. can it break that hold? let's ask m.f. global vice president of financial research and jim la camp, portfolio manager of macro portfolio vaz advisers. thanks for your time. i guess first question we have to ask is is the dollar going to conti
Jan 19, 2010 11:00am EST
up nicely and they have a big medicare advantage program. look at other side of this. the hospital stocks have been under pressure here today like universal health or tenet health care. why has that -- why would they be under pressure at this point? because with no health care reform, less people might be insured so that expense wouldn't be alalleviated. that would be an issue for them as well. each if the republicans win, a number of people noted the house could pass the senate bill that was already passed and simply move on to president obama for his signature. that would be politically con ro veshl. japan airlines declaring bankruptcy. what? the japanese bailed them out four times in ten years and this time they just cut them loose and decided to let them go. that sent shock waves through the industry. amr and delta, by the way, are vying for a close relationship with japan airlines. amr already has one. the important thing is we're looking for some signs that maybe they could get a deeper relationship in the future here. we'll get amr and continental with earnings later this we
Jan 11, 2010 11:00am EST
are free...and medicare covered my other supplies. liberty helps keep you on track by delivering diabetic supplies to your door...and filing your claims. i never feel i'm going to run out of anything. with liberty i always have someone to talk to and now they refill all my prescriptions. call now to receive a diabetic cookbook free. call to receive your free meter and find out why 230,000 u.s. doctors and over a million people with diabetes trust liberty medical. liberty, we deliver better health. call now. call liberty medical at the number on your screen. >>> welcome back to "the call." i'm mary thompson. we have a mixed market after a higher open today. this, of course, ahead of the kick offto earnings season. alcoa will be reporting its results. today the mixed market in low volume once again. we haven't seen a lot of conviction over the last week even though, of course, the markets had a strong start to the trading year. volume has been fairly weak. here at the noyng, 349 million shares having changed hands so far. we are seeing investors take more of a defensive position as
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5